December 31, 2019

See You in a Few Weeks

Almost a year ago, I started this blog. 

Now, 11 months later, I look back to see all my posts. I went from doing 15 posts a month to 7. I realized some of the tags were useless, so I deleted them. 

As the New Year (almost) begins, I realized I need to have priorities. Then an idea came into my head to take the whole month of January off from blogging. I finally decided to pray about it. 

I will be taking a SMALL break from blogging. That means completely signing out of my email and blog accounts.

Lord-willing, I should be back sometime in February. Don't worry--I am not going to quit blogging. I just need some time to prepare for other things.

I will probably have so much to tell you when I return.

Until then, my days are going to be filled with reading the Bible (I decided to do a one year Bible reading plan), memorize Bible verses, school, photography, and planning (again, both blog and personal).

until February dear friends,

Also, if you have any blog post idea, throw them to me.

*comments will be published 12/31/2019. After that, I'll see your sweet comments when I return*

December 28, 2019

The End of 2019

Yikes! It can't be almost 2020 already! But yes, that is the truth. It seems like yesterday I stayed up 'til midnight and waited for 2019 to enter. But now, as we end another year, I take time to remember all the Lord has done for us.

This appeared in the October 2013 Clubhouse Jr. Magazine.
Thankfully, my writing has improved since then.

December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Before I begin, this picture was taken last week when it snowed. It's 63℉ for a high this week. We [sadly] won't be getting a white Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all my blog friends! I know it's only Christmas Eve, but it's close enough to Christmas. Are you excited for Christmas? I am very excited. My dad has to work tonight, and we have no idea when he'll get off tomorrow, so we decided we'll open our gifts tonight.

Are you doing anything exciting for Christmas? Do you like giving or receiving gifts better? (I like giving, as do most people I know.) Are you getting a white Christmas?

December 16, 2019

What I Don't Want to Find in a Book

1. Romance
Why do we need to read about stories of picture-perfect relationships? We all know only a few relationships turn out that away, and all we are doing is filling our minds with dreams that will [most likely] not come true. Not only that, but many romance books have immoral relationships with the main characters.

2. Bad Words
Whether it be cuss words of taking the Lord's name in vain, I don't want to read about it. Unfortunately, some of the books I read for school have cuss words in them. I have learned just to ignore the cuss word. 

3. Horror
I don't see the need to add unnecessary thoughts in people's brains. Yes, the book might be a thriller, but it will leave mental pictures in your mind that you do not want to see.

4. Anti-Christian Books 
I don't want books that make me question my faith. Of course, I do read books that are not written by Christian authors, but unless they are making fun of Christians or what I believe, I will continue reading the book.

5. Violence
This one goes along with horror. We don't need to be filling out minds with inappropriate images. We also don't need to dwell on people killing others, and all the other details that run along with that subject.

Every book should be read in moderation
There is nothing wrong with a good mystery book---we just need to be careful about how many we read at a time, or else we may start filling our minds with fear. We also shouldn't read a lot of thrillers in one setting, as then we may start thinking our life is dull. 

    Many things are good, just in moderation.                                                                                                                                                   "

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify. 1 Corinthians 10:23 (NKJV)

At one time I recommended a book called "Counted Worthy." 
The book is good, except the relationship with the main
character and a boy. There are a few parts that I wouldn't 
read again. Please use caution if you read the book.

December 10, 2019

Hard Work Pays Off

This is a short story I wrote this year for writing class. It is based off the "Three Little Pigs" and several Bible passages. Enjoy!
Hard Work Pays Off
“I prefer to make my money the hard way.” John Yamaha stated, as he climbed into his truck.
“I prefer to do lazy work.” Carl Sajdole snorted as he picked up his phone.
“Stealing is easier.” Ben Laksovo retorted.
“You know what happens to lazy workers and thieves.” Mr. Yamaha warned, before the three men departed to their houses and families.

December 6, 2019

The Simple Writers' Tag

I have so many posts I want to get done before the end of the year, so you may be seeing a LOT of posts. (Or I might decide to roll-over these posts 'til next year.)
What do you think of my graphic
 made with, *wait for it* Scrabble®️ pieces?

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who started the tag. Thanks, Ellen for creating this and tagging me! (Her blog is worth checking out)
2. Answer the ten "Simple Writer's" questions
3. Tag as many writing friends as you'd like!

Let's begin!

1. How do you like to write, by typewriter, pen, or computer?
Why isn't pencil on the list? Computer is really nice because it's all neat and 'stuff', but I prefer pencil all the way. So I guess the answer's pen.

2. Do you prefer to write in the first or third person?
First person. 

3. Do you enjoy doing one POV or multiple POVs?
I've never done multiple POVs, so that makes my answer simple.

4. What's your favorite genre to write about?
Non-romantic Christian adventure (That MIGHT be three genres.) 

5. Who is your strongest writing supporter?
I don't know--many people help me in many ways, but I guess it's the one who gives me ideas at 10 o'clock at night---my sister, Lacey is the answer.

6. What is one thing that gives you inspiration to write?
Chocolate. Ice cream. NOT CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

7. Do you like revision?
Well, besides on little writing assignments, I've never had revision on my 'big' writing projects. So far, my little writing assignment haven't seen much of the red pen.............yet

8. Poems or stories?
Stories. (Poems are only good for memorizing and reciting.)

9. Can you listen to music while you write?
Yes, unless a favorite song comes on. Then I get caught up listening to the lyrics.....and possibly accidentally typing the lyrics................

10. Present or past tense?
When writing in first person, present tense is the best! (For me, that is.)

I tag:
........if you' like to be included, leave me your blog address and I'll add you to the list.

December 4, 2019

Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed~Part 1

November was such a great month (minus the thought of all the school I didn't get done). 

Seeing my uncle and his dog//ukuleles//visitors at church (One family has little ones!!! (World-breaking news since the youngest child is 8.))//more family visiting//school....

Here are s'more snippets and photography from the month:

Kimber. (My uncle's dog.)

Lacey and I were so blessed to get ukuleles
as an early Christmas gift.

Part two of this photo dump will come out closer to the end of the month--after Christmas.

How was your holiday?

December 2, 2019

Followers and Comments: Two Problems Needing Addressed

First off, this post was inspired by Ellen and Gray Marie. (See Ellen's post about followers here and Gray Marie's post about spam comments here.)

Where do I even begin????

So, like Ellen, I noticed a lot about followers. And I noticed that several people follow you because they want you to follow them. Then, if you don't follow them, they unfollow you. It's like someone being your friend because they want something out of you. (I only unfollow blogs if 1) I disagree with what they post (that hasn't happened yet), or 2) I feel like I'm wasting too much time on a blog. Then I unfollow to see if I waste less time.)

Don't follow my blog because.....

  1. You want me to follow you
  2. You compare my life to yours (my life ain't perfect either!)
  3. I follow you
  4. You disagree with many things I post
You are welcome to follow my blog if....

  1. You find my posts encouraging
  2. You do not expect me to follow your blog
  3. You feel like God wants you to follow 
  4. You know me in person
I am totally fine with people leaving me their blog link with a comment. But if you do that, DON'T EXPECT ME TO FOLLOW. That's not how the Lilly-following-system works. I love checking out new blogs, so you are MORE THAN WELCOME to leave your blog address.

How to follow via blogger:
As most noticed, I took the followers gadget off. If you'd like to follow via google profile, here's how you can. 1) Go  to There you should see your reading list. 2) Click "reading list". On the right side, it should say "blogs I follow". Beside it should be a pencil. 3) Click the pencil icon. 4) It should now say "blogs I'm following". 5) Click the "add" button on the right side. 6) It will ask for the web address. 7) Click "next". You should now be following my blog via google account.

Now we move on to the topic of spam comments.

I've been getting a LOT of spam comments. You probably have too. It's really annoying, especially since the comments HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POST! I know telling spam commentors to leave my blog won't work. So, from now on, all comments NEED to be signed with a name. (Nicknames or pseudonyms are fine, so long as I feel like the comment is not spam.) Spam commentors hardly ever sign their comments. If the comment does not have a name, I probably won't publish it. And if I feel uneasy about the comment (even if it is signed), I will not publish it. My blog, my rules. For any new bloggers, I HIGHLY recommend using comment moderation for this reason.

I'm trying not to complain. But these two issues get really annoying. 

Anyway, I hope you understand why I took the time to write this post.

Until my next post,

Do you deal with these problems? 
I'd love to hear from you! 
Let's chat in the comments below!

November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I hope y'all are havin' a great day! Enjoy lots of food (but don't eat too much). Just think---turkey, bread, pie, bread pudding (for our family) no school (sorry, Mom), and so much to be thankful for. (Including school.) I'm really thankful I get the opportunity to blog. Anyway, here are a few snapshots of my uncle's dog and a few other things.

Ramzi made herself at home
--in Lacey's arms, that is.

(Kimber is also the name of a fancy gun.)

Our uncle brought his ukuleles
down, and Lacey and I learned four chords.

I'm thankful for:
Jesus::Salvation::My family::animals::ice cream::Instruments::our house::bacon::school::mail::friends::clothes::and so much more!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤

November 25, 2019

In Everything, Give Thanks

Did you catch one of the key words? Everything is the key word I was thinking about, although thanks is also a key word. Everything can be a big word. The Bible commands us to "16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.' (2 Thessalonians 5:16-18) So the Bible is telling us to give thanks for everything. I can name several things I'm thankful for right now--computer, piano, tin whistle, my sister/best friend, my family, friends, animals, and so much more! What about you? I'm sure you have a list of things you're thankful for. What about the small things you take for granted? What are you getting at Lilly?!  Hmm......we'll start here:

Yesterday, at church, our pastor was talking about giving thanks in all things. So he asked
nine of us kids (ages 11-20) to come up. (Of course I went up!) After the nine volunteered (seven girls, two boys, and yes, there are more girls than boys in our church), he pulled out a backpack. Starting with the youngest child, he asked her to pull something out of the bag. The rest of us were then allowed to pull an item out of the bag. There were eight items--one girl was left without an item. Then, starting (again) with the youngest, he asked her why she was thankful for the apple. He then went on two two other kids, who had an orange and a "cutie" (tangerine). Then he got to an older girl who had...................guess what kind of fruit........................a rock. He asked her why she was thankful for a rock. A rock (of course) is not something you usually say you are thankful for, but there are many reasons to be thankful for a rock. She said it kept her hands cool, and one of her younger sisters (who also had a rock) said it could be used as a paperweight. Our pastor said with creativity, we can be thankful for everything

Look around where you are.
What is something you can be thankful for that you usually wouldn't think about?
Tell me below!